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FREE 8D RPG Maker Sprites!


More free sprites will be added as I make them.  Please RATE this pack what you think is fair. This will help me greatly in expanding this collection!

These are designed to match sprites in my paid packs. If you would like to support me further to expand those collections please consider joining my PATREON

These sprites are recreations of character assets in RPG Maker MZ. Must own RPG Maker MZ to use these in commercial projects.


These are plug and play to use. They are highly recommended to use with VisuStella plugins to access the 8 directional movements and run animations.  Otherwise they will still function as 4 directional sprites. They all come fully animated with extra poses and emotive animations.

I will update this pack regularly with as many MZ characters as I could manage to make.

If using 8 directional movement with VisuStella's plugins, disable the dash tilt feature to get the best movement with these sprites.

Plugins : https://visustellamz.itch.io/

Terms of Use

1. Must own RPG Maker MZ to use these sprites.. 

2. 'Robert Pinero' must be given credit in your games. 

3. You are NOT allowed to redistribute these graphics in any way shape or form other than packaged in your own game. 

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Are there any templates?I need a template to create my own characters.

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hello, you still plan to make more of the default mz characters? i tried to make the Actor2_4 character in the 8d character creator, and there are no similar clothes to make a similar one. 

is the closest thing I could create XD


I will keep trying to yes I just have been busy lately. I will do my best to keep making more for sure.

Same for me for Actor2_3 if you can please.

hello !
Where can I have the sf actors ?

Is it compatible with construct 3?

Can i use this on my commercial / paid game? Do i need license or permission?

You would just have to own rpg maker MZ because these are character designs from the default assets the engine comes with.

Great work. You should start a patreon.

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In just one word ? WONDERFULL !!! I'm so in love of these that i bought the PNJ pack... but some actors are missing (2_7 & 3_4, maybe more) i hope there will be an update when you'll have time... ^^ 

Thank you so much I am trying my best!

Hi Low, can I edit this sprite so it can be exact same with my character illustration?

sure no problem. 

sorry for late reply 

Thank you  very much for the permission

This sprite very amazing! 

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I really like it, it looks great, it's amazing, I was wondering, will you still keep updating these sprites? I've been trying to create mine following yours but making them when they look diagonally is very difficult for me, I was making the 3_6 actor from 0 and everything was fine until I tried to make his diagonal movement and I ended up deleting everything because of frustration 

can you give me some tips? xd

I will keep doing these but I have been very busy with commission work. So i will try my best to get these done little by little. Once I starts I will be sure to have bigger updates. I will try to send an update with more sprites soon.


As for tips it's hard to say because I use a very complex system in dragonbones so that I dont have to do all these animations frame by  frame. 

(1 edit) (+2)

ohhh I understand thanks for replying I'll keep an eye out for new updates (I just saw that you updated and did the one I was trying to do great you got it better than mine XD)

https://shoyokun.itch.io/ynoma this is the project i was working on, thank you very much for the sprites you made 

Really cool animated sprites!
Some suggestions (Maybe you've heard them already):
1 chopping wood/tree
1 mining
1 farming/tending field
1 watering plants
(just like the hammering, for working purposes) 😉

Read somewhere you also do custom work. Will try these first.
Have also send you a friend request in Discord. 

Great work!

Thanks for the suggestions. I may add that to any newer NPCs I add. 

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Will there be a Smile Game Builder or a Game Developer Bakin versions, using the characters from those Smile Boom engines?


That's a good suggestion I would to try and do.

Are we allowed to edit these?

Feel free yes. But for your own game usage only.

Thanks so much. These are amazing resources for anybody!

I really want to use this style but it'll be hard making everything match their quality!

I will have some NPC packs available soon. and I will keep adding to this pack.

For what it's worth, IMO yours is the best RPGM art I've come across. Really lovely stuff. Very kind of you to let us use it! When I'm a little further into my process I'll purchase some of your packs, for sure!


yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice


Great job dude!!


Holy crap.  Awesome!


wow, awesome^^