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More free sprites will be added as I make them.  Please RATE this pack what you think is fair. This will help me greatly in expanding this collection!

These are designed to match sprites in my paid packs. If you would like to support me further to expand those collections please consider joining my PATREON

This is a bundle pack of SV battlers for RPG Maker MZ inspired by default characters packaged with MZ. RPG Maker MV characters are also included now!

To get the most of these battlers it's recommended to be used with Visustella Action Sequence plugins for RPG MakerMZ.

Latest addition:

Special thanks to people who commissioned characters: 

 @MisterK515(people2-8), Human(MV heroes), Olberic(people3-7),Lunesis, Davito, Zachary Sevic

Plugins : https://visustellamz.itch.io/
UI Materials: https://cazwolf.itch.io/

Action Sequence Basics by https://akratichuman.itch.io/

Terms of Use

1. Must own RPG Maker MZ to use MZ folder sprites.. 

2. Must own RPG Maker MV to use MV folder sprites.. 

3. 'Robert Pinero' must be given credit in your games. 

4. You are NOT allowed to redistribute these graphics in any way shape or form other than packaged in your own game. 

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Thank you!

Are there any templates?I need a template to create my own characters.

I don't have any templates unfortunately. Each character is extremely different so it would be difficult to provide.


Great job, as always :




I was the change I wished to see in the world

Hi, I have MV, but can I use this battler for any engine? I will credit. Thanks

You can use the characters in the MV folder only if you have MV.  If you have rpg maker MZ then you can use the MZ folder too.

Hi~I want to create a rpg game commercially by using Godot or Unity, Can I use these assets as well?

These are awesome! Would you be able to do Actor 3-2 by chance?


This is amazing! I love your work! Keep it up as this inspires me to now make an RPG MZ game the way I have always wanted! Thank you so much!


Would it be possible to have them without weapon too? 

You can easyly remove them on gimp or photoshop :).

(1 edit) (+1)

I plan to use more than one character, so it will take a lot of time to removing it. Since he has the file made separated, it is much easier for him to remove the weapon. 

Amazing work! Are you going to add the missing charactes?


I would like to finish them. But it's been hard finding the time. But I will do my best to get them all

Shout out for a character with a rifle : )

You did such a wonderful job with these. 💞💞💞


Thank you! And I must say all your work is amazing!

B'ah, thank you as well! 


Fantastic work, Low! Already implementing them now : )

A suggestion/requrest: would you be able to make a battler with a rifle as it's one of the stock weapons?


Sure which one you think fits best?

(1 edit) (+2)

Of the stock actors that you haven't checked off, perhaps Actor 2_5 or Actor 2_8 would be good fits? (If I understand your question correctly). (And thanks for the quick response and your awesome talent!)


Also, would you consider animating a character with a spear?


Oh wait, you've got a dragon spear character on your website - my bad!

Great masterpiece! Very impressive! 

How long does it take to create a single sprite? Can I pay you to create MZ character sprites for me?


Thank you very much. On average it's $85-100. But depends on the character details. If it's an MZ RTP character I try and offer discounts if I can put it up here with the rest of the cast.

Thanks for your response. Shall I contact you via email?


Rpinero20@gmail.com or Low#1222 on discord

(1 edit)

Sweet. Thanks Rob. I'm going to slide this one into the project for the weapon swap. 

WOW! Just WOW!

Is it possible to change the weapons without going into the sprite sheet and manually changing the images?

They are pre-rendered in dragonbones with weapons and then rendered into pictures, so no, you cannot change their visual weapons.


I would totally pay for an RPG Maker MV pack like this. Like, RPG Maker MV sprites recreated in this style.


Something is in the works!

Great, looking forward to it!


Hey are you making the rest of them? These are amazing and id like to use but need full set and curious if you are making more whats your goal time frame on all of them being completed. I'm sure it takes a lot of work and you have a life.

Wow, they look amazing!

Thank you!

good job. It's to bad we can find those type of sprite only here.


This is too good to be real :D :D


If I own RPG Maker MZ am I allowed to use these in non-RPG Maker projects?

You make custom sprites? i need make 3 chars for my project

(1 edit)

Great work as always Low! Where do I find the taller images of the characters as I only show smaller versions in my img folder? I have a few characters with taller images, but only about half of them.

Thank you. I don't think I added the full res versions to the collection yet. I will have to start adding them once I get the chance.

you can do it, only 9 to go!!!... seriously though awesome work as always, cant wait to have the full roster!

(1 edit)
These animations are really great! But I do not understand the first item of the terms, may I ask how can I legally use them in my commercial games? 

Hello thank you for the kind words. Because these are characters whos designs are from the RPG maker MZ engine assets, you must own that engine in order to use these sprites. They are not original designs by me. They are remakes of the default assets in the engine. Hope that makes sense.

Hey! These are amazing! Do you do any custom commissions?

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks so much ! I do yes. Feel free to message me on discord Low#1222 or email rpinero20@gmail.com 

Sweet! Just sent you a friend request on discord! :D

one question, do you make them yourself or do you use some kind of program to make them?


I draw the the character and animate it in dragonbones and then export it as sprite sheets.


is it possible to get the dragonbones files as well?


Currently the dragonbones files i made to build these are not properly formatted for the dragonbones plugin unfortunately. But it is something I may have to release once I start formatting them for it. Right now they are built for sprite sheet exports so they're not in proper loop animations. Also all animations need to be named and set properly to play nice with the plugin. So it's a little bit of a project.

Sorry to necropost. Actually I think the Dragonbones files may be very useful even if they are not compatible with the Dragonbones plugin.
It will greatly speed up operations like recolors, weapon changes and other custom edits.
Personally I could start use these wonderful battlers if I had access to the Dragonbones files, editing the spritesheet is not convenient at all.

Hi, wonderful job I have a question, is there any problem if I edit some of them and obviously give you the credit in a game I am making with rpgmaker mz, for example change the color of the clothes and change the faces of some using as reference these?


Sure no problem at all and thanks for asking. Happy you find these useful.



These are truly amazing!
If you are planning on making more, I can't wait to see them!
Also, if you plan on making originals, I hope you can sell them here :)


This is one of the coolest thing I've ever seen for Rpg Maker MZ! Are you still working on this?


Thanks so much! I am trying my best to finish these up. Been super busy lately thought but still high up on my list.

i was wondering if these are still being worked on?


I want to finish these as soon as possible. I have just been tied up but it's one of my top priorities.

thanks for the fast reply, it's good to know that they're still being worked on. they're so much better than the default chibi or anything i could create on my own. anyway keep up the amazing work!

Hello! great job. a question, is there any way to get the portraits of the characters?


Thanks! The portraits come with the RPGmaker MZ package by default. I am just recreating and animating them based off those portraits. So you'l need to purchase RPGmaker MZ in order to use them. Hope that helps.

Ok, thanks!


Wow, thank you soo much for this. Finally something to replace that default RTP chibi style.


Glad to hear you like!

(1 edit) (+1)

that  amazing :) 


And one must own MV to use the Harold sheet!


Good catch I forgot he snuck himself in there.

Any plans for a Cleric/healer?

i got tied up with other things for a bit but I am finally making my way back around to more of these very soon! Yes I'll definitely be making that class. Maybe my next one.

Awesome! Thanks for the reply.

Your battlers are the best!


Is there a list of what characters are currently done? 

Also, is this pack free, even for commercial games?


I'll be sure to make a clear list on next update. As long as you own rpg maker mz these are free for commercial use as well.

Thank you for your quick reply.
While I got your attention I might as well ask. Is this thread (and the prices listed) still relevant in 2021?

While I'm not looking to commission anything right away, I'm trying to plan ahead, and I've taken quite a liking to your battlers and might want to hire you for some custom work (in the future).


Yes its mostly up to date. I will be keeping that up  to date as well. Very happy to hear you like my works!

HI! I love your work so much! I sent a DM on DeviantArt inquiring to battlers :)


Thanks for sharing, they're amazing!
I have a question though: given I would state credits to you regardless, could I use them as a base\template or edit them to adjust them for the characters in my game?


Thank you and you sure can!

Thank you! x3

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