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This pack contains fully  animated sprites. Each creature comes in a handful of different colors or designs for variety. Fully animated sprite sheets optimized for RPG Maker MV/MZ.

Max resolution files are also included for resizing purposes.

Latest addition: Dire Wolf


  • Wolf
  • Dire Wolf
  • Magic Wolf
  • Armored Wolf
  • Wind Slime
  • Plant Monster
  • Beetle
  • Treant
  • Frogs
  • Bears
  • Owlbeast

Terms of Use

1. Contents may be used in free or commercial games. 

2. 'Robert Pinero' must be given credit in your games. 

3. You are NOT allowed to redistribute these graphics in any way shape or form other than packaged in your own game. 

More enemies will be added to these packs regularly as free updates so check back or follow me on twitter:https://twitter.com/RobertPineroArt

Max resolution files are also included for resizing purposes.

Samples and action sequences possible thanks to: Plugins: https://visustellamz.itch.io/

Action Sequence Basics by https://akratichuman.itch.io/

Updated 6 days ago
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GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, beetle, Monsters, plant, RPG Maker, Slime, wolf


Get this asset pack and 20 more for $191.40 USD
View bundle
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On Sale!
40% Off
$15.00 $9.00 USD or more

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ForestFoes.zip 388 MB

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There are a lack of bird enemies in a lot of enemy asset packs on the internet and there are literally zero bird exclusive asset packs. Could you perhaps make a bird foes pack?

(1 edit)

What birds in particular are you looking for? This pack will get a hawk or two fairly soon.

The bears look awesome any chance at a Owlbear? asking for a friend...


that's a good suggestion. I'll put it on my list.


Owlbears added!


you are the best!

the wolfs  have bad height in your picture 1300

Thanks for the notice. I have updated the pack to resolve most of the wolves. I will be correcting them as I go thanks.

do these come with map sprites?

No they do not.

could I commission some from you?

Unfortunately I don't specialize in pixel art sprites. If you want 4  directional map sprites in a more 2d drawn art style then that's something I can do. 


The frogs!! <3

Is there a way to make the images face the opposite way (other than flipping them in something like photoshop)? The example images all seem to be facing to the left, but enemies in RPGmaker MV/MZ face the right in the sideview system.

thanks for feedback. I think I'll update them and add a static sideview single image for each enemy. If you use a plugin for these as enemies it automatically flip them to face right. So that's already working as is.

Thank you!

Nice!  How many of these packs are you planning on making, if you don't mind me asking?


I am working on a beachside set, undead set, underworld set currently. They will also each get occasional added enemies at no extra cost. I'd like to cover all the common favorites.