Update 1.2.2 - Crop Mode Unlocked

Fellow Character Enthusiasts,

it's not a Monday, yet you are receiving a new update - hurray :)

The reason behind that is quite simple. I made some improvements (one even huge) and wanted to share those with you immediately!


The "Align Bottom Mode" has been replaced by a "Crop Mode". You no longer chose the mode when you drag sprites onto the spritesheet within the spritesheet creator. From now on you will choose a mode per spritesheet -> Align Center Mode or Crop Mode.

The Align Center Mode is the one you already know. The characters are placed right in the center and the frames have equal width and height.

The new Crop Mode however crops all 4 sides to place the character as close to the sides as possible. This is especially nice for RPG Maker and RPG Bakin, cause it creates a near perfect hitbox automatically and makes the spritesheets way smaller, cause we are getting eliminating all the empty space.

Minor flaw: Currently some big weapons (sword, greatsword, waraxe) are responsible for moving the character around 6px away from the bottom for the weapon-attached animations. With the next big update those weapons will be reworked a bit to remove that minor problem.



Another thing I changed is the padding at the bottom of the spritesheets in the spritesheet generator. Some people complained about being hardly able to add sprites at the bottom of the sheet. However most don't seem to have problems with it (me included). I hope this change will improve their experience.

Last addition: RPG Bakin has problems with semi-transparent content. This is the problem why sometimes our weapontrail gets cut off and won't be displayed after the sprites have been imported into RPG Bakin. I solved this problem (until their devs handle it correctly within their engine) by adding a special Bakin weapontrail, that simply lacks the semi-transparent parts and is fully opaque.

That's it for today already, but hey, it's only a mid-week update ;)

Have a great day and enjoy your upcoming weekend. We are already hard at work on version 1.3 and with that fully recolorable, separate outfits (tops & bottoms) will finally arrive!

- cub3 (Florian)

Ps: The Windows versions are already updated and the Mac demo is updated as well. The Mac builds always need quite some time (cause of Apples signing process) and will be updated once they are done.


8dcharsdemo-win.zip 328 MB
Version 1.2.2 May 18, 2023
8dchars-win.zip 782 MB
Version 1.2.2 May 18, 2023
8dchars-mac-demo.dmg 256 MB
Version 1.2.2 May 18, 2023

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Is it a possibility that you might add the ability to choose the kind of foot ware, if any, the characters are wearing and make this independent of the bottoms the characters are wearing?  Also, could you include an option for a character to be wearing nothing on the chest or feet?  For example, I might want to make a character who is Conan style warrior or a character who is a jungle native.  Thank you.

good suggestions. We are currently reworking all outfits so they are tops and bottoms. Also elements of the outfit can be recovered. I'll try to throw in some tattered pants maybe.

Thank you!  What I had in mind was your character creator having top, bottoms, and a slot for foot ware.  Something like that.  Do you have any plans for this in the future?  Thank you.

currently tops and bottoms are being separated. But if we cam swing that after we will do that. There should be enough variety with bottom options to do what you will need

Epic! After some testing I also realized this would be a super handy feature and now you already implemented it :)


This may be a sign to become a customer soon 😉

Absolutely, as soon as I crossed off a couple other things on my list!