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Welcome Game Maker, Game Dev,  Graphic Novelist or general Character Enthusiast.

We proudly present to you our 8D Character Creator!


  • A Bust and Spritesheet Creator combined!
  • Unity, Godot, Unreal, RPG Maker, RPG Developer Bakin, ... - our characters can be used with any engine

  • Currently 48 outfits (24 male & 24 female) and 22 headwears
  • + 10 different Bottoms
  • + 8 Races including Furries and Monsters
  • + 21 different Hair Styles
  • + 9 different Bangs Styles
  • + 7 different Facial Hair Styles
  • + 12 different Main Hand Weapons (Sword, Wand, Crossbow, Bow, ...)
  • + 10 different Main Hand Tools (Broom, Rake, Water Can, ...)
  • + 10 different Off Hand Weapons
  • And over two dozens options to further adjust the Bust!
  • Ability to recolor EVERYTHING
  • Ability to add a horse as a mount to the idle, walk and run animations
  • Minification! No more tool is needed to shrink those spritesheets to make them performant inside your engine. 8D takes care of this at the export.
  • Apply different filters to your art, to really make it yours!
  • Pixel Art, Color Palette Reduction, Grayscale
  • Upload an Image and convert it using your desired color palette to make your maps and logos look exactly like your characters (feature available in the demo as well, so check it out)

  • Create Adults, Elerly, Teens, Children or Dwarves (freely editable Bodytypes)

  • Fluid animations thanks to 7 frames per direction
  • Still amazing animations with 3 frames per direction for RPG Maker
  • 39 Animations!
  • 26 of those are available in 8 directions!

  • Export in EVERY format you need thanks to our revolutionary drag and drop spritesheet creator! (We really support every engine!)
  • Adjust the exported framesize - from 400px to 120px - anything is possible
  • Busts can be export with 10 different emotions at up to 500x500px

  • A growing library of outfits, accessories and weapons!
  • Free tools like a spritesheet shadow creator available for everyone (demo as well)

  • Available on Windows and Mac


Then try our DEMO NOW! It contains EVERY feature and you can EXPORT in every offered format. The demo is limited to ONE outfit and ONE headwear though and you are NOT ALLOWED to use the exported graphics in any product whatsoever. This is just for TESTING purposes!

Need help or have an inquiry?

Don't hesitate to start a discussion in the Community tab here on Itch or just send an e-mail to support@cub3.rocks - we will get back to you shortly! You can also join our Discord-Server and tell us about new ideas or ask for help over there.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(24 total ratings)
AuthorsLow, cub3
Tags2D, Character Customization, Characters, Generator, Godot, Isometric, Side Scroller, Sprites, Top-Down, Unity


Buy Now$100.00 USD or more

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Version 3.1.0
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Version 3.1.0

Download demo

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Version 3.1.0
8dcharsdemo-mac.zip 304 MB
Version 3.1.0

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