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hey robert, just bought this not knowing it was the same as the one in the classic heroes pack which i bought on steam, would it be possible to request a refund?

Sorry about that. You can request a refund through  e-mail Currently there's no way for me to issue a refund through my dashboard. 

Currently the battlers here have been updated to contain more and improved motions. Classic Heroes is delayed in their update but you'll be able to get the free updated version soon though steam or rpgmaker store. Let me know if the email support works if not we can try alternate ways. My email is

Alright, I will send them an email, great work on the battlers, love your work.

Thank you!

I bought it on steam, is there a synchronous update?

There will be a update very soon to both platforms for quality and more animations.

OK, thank you, I will continue to follow ~ XD